16 March, 2011

A mother of two

I'm finally getting around to posting about our new addition. It's been crazy in the Bingham household since she arrived. And well, I think I warned all of you that I would have very little time for this sort of thing. You know what sort of thing I'm talking about. Personal time? Is that what it's called? I've forgotten. . . . .
For those who haven't logged onto Facebook within the last month, here she is:

Precious I know.
And her stats: Born Feb. 11, 2011 @ 11:32 pm
                      Weighed 8 lbs. 15 oz
                      20.5 inches long

It's been different having another girl in the house, but for the most part I'm loving it. She loves to be loved and cuddling is one of her fav. things to do. It's fun. So is dressing her up in pink and purple and bows!
I know I'm going to enjoy teaching her how to be a girly girl. Because Kael on the other hand is ALL boy (no complaints there). It's going to take a whole other post to update you on him. He's growing up so fast! More on him to come.

As for our little family adjusting to this big change:
Ella is definitely a lot more needy than Kael ever was. When she's awake she wants constant attention, and well, Kael isn't settling for any of that. He is having a hard time adjusting to the fact that he now has to share his mom. He's still too young to understand exactly what it going on and why he can't do certain things, like sit on my lap while I'm nursing. I quickly found out that if I don't spend some one-on-one time with him in the mornings, then it doesn't take long for him to go into a whiny and insanely jealous rampage.
Dustin spent the first 2 weeks sleeping out on the couch while Ella and I took the bed. It took about that long for me to figure out her sleeping patterns and what worked best for her. And even though he was just in the other room, I missed him terribly.
Right now, Ella still has her days and nights a little mixed up and lately going to bed before 1:00 a.m. just isn't an option for me. The laundry load has doubled because either I'm contantly being covered in spit up, or she's having those nasty newborn blowouts.
And those are just a few things. It sounds like a lot I know, and I really hope I didn't just change the minds of those who have been thinking of expanding their little family or having kids at all. But really I've been told that the first two weeks are the hardest. And we've made it past that. So I think we're good. Right?

I wouldn't change a thing. Our baby girl is worth it. And every night I thank my Heavenly Father for entrusting us with this special spirit (followed by asking for the strength to endure just one more night :)
I LOVE being a mom. And I really can't think of anything else I would rather do. Poopy diapers, puke stained clothes, and all sleepless nights set aside - I have the best job in the world!

P.S. Dustin and I still can't decide who she looks more like. All we can see is that she is the girl version of Kael. What do you think?

Thing 1
Thing 2


  1. COngrats, Lacy! She is beautiful!!!!!

  2. Wow! You guys got the bed? I've always been pushed to the couch. that's not fair. I'll have to talk to Adam about this.hmmm....

    Kael will get used to having little Ella around. I bet he'll be an awesome big brother. Mark still will get sad, throw a pout and storm to his room sometimes when I pick up Benson, but he is so much better, and probably doesn't remember a time without his little brother. good luck with everything. Being a mom is the best job in the world! I agree.

  3. She is SO precious! I am so sad I wasn't able to stop by and see her! Sounds like you're having quite the adventure in mothering. :) You're a great mom! And.. I think they look quite a lot alike! :)

  4. She totally looks like you! Mini Lacy:)